Sirja-Liisa Eelma

To Write One’s / Your Name (L1; L2)


Excerpt from Sirja-Liisa notes: “A hand is holding a pencil. The pencil leaves a mark on the paper – a symmetrical, horizontal, curved line. The hand, which is controlled by the brain and holds the pen, then lengthens the ends of the line downwards. The brain, controlling the hand holding the pen, draws another similar shape. Then the third and the fourth. Once there is no more space left on the side, the shapes continue on the next line. And the next. Until the paper ends. Until the canvas ends, until the pen becomes dull, until the hand gets tired, until the brain falls asleep, as long as the artist will live.

I have considered it worthwhile to create wordlessness and an empty space. There seems to be a lack of things like that. Let it be expressed, for example, as an orderly painting surface and the silent repetition of images… The silence of a repetitive image raises questions.”