Augustas Serapinas

Greenhouse from Rannamõisa


Augustas Serapinas likes to wander along the grassy Lithuanian landscapes reminiscent of the scenery in Heinsaar’s stories and collect unseen stories about everyday lives. These are often about the so-called little people, or at least diligent citizens who are run over by gentrification or other economic processes.

At the last Venice Biennale, for instance, Augustas presented a work consisting of the masonry of the former Ignalina nuclear power plant, which he had asked three local boys to arrange into a new installation. With this and many other projects he manifests his sincere support for his more fragile fellow citizens as well as unexpected creativity.

He has brought to the exhibition a greenhouse left behind by the Rannamõisa summer cottage cooperative in Estonia. Only a sad-looking wreck has remained from the formerly central element of Soviet everyday life. Brought to the gallery and placed on a podium, so to say, it is like a monument to the people who once wove their lives around it.