Hanna Samoson



The basis of the work, like in the short story by Peet Vallak, is a dream that somewhere there is a place where the individual’s self becomes one with existence. While the protagonist in Ilmar Külvet’s short story has a round-trip flight to a Caribbean island paradise bought for him, how can one find an unknown island in a country where there are allegedly 2,222 islands? Equipped with ice skates and a boat, the Dream Chaser takes on the islands one by one. She started by visiting the islet of Donquixote [sic] in Lake Tammemäe.

Hanna adds: “But once the roads of ice melt again and can’t carry me anymore, I may sometimes need someone to take me from one place to another by boat. I have wondered what to tell these people then about my motivation to visit the island. Should I tell them the way things are? That I’m chasing my dream, which is waiting for me on one of these 2,222 islands?

Reflecting on this, I came to the conclusion that until I find my dream, it will always be waiting for me on the island that I’m about to visit next. Until I find out it’s not there. This way, the place I’m trying to reach is not somewhere in the abstract, uncertain future, but always in the here and now. I’m trying to get somewhere, but at the same time I’m already there. There is no rush.”