Amie Nga Man Chan



At the heart of Amie Nga Man Chan’s multimedia installation is a performance on the border between Estonia and Russia. During the performance, she creates ceramic objects which she then drowns in the river in the Buddhist way. The protagonist in the short story by Peet Vallak manages to find his fortune on Pärnu River, busy with barges like it used to be in the 1930s. Amie, on the other hand, strives for happiness and peace of mind on the empty yet geopolitically much more turbulent Narva River. To do this, she has built a rowing boat into a mobile pottery wheel for centring clay. This ancient method also refers to finding one’s equilibrium. In this way, the Hong Kong artist tries to resist a situation in which she feels somewhat lost in both her everyday and political events, unstable and without a sense of direction for the future.

During the performance, Amie tries to overcome her mental restlessness and physical insecurity, expressing a certain confrontation with the boundaries and thus finding a state of balance and general coordination.