Robin Nõgisto

Circus of Existence & Pickle Boy


“Black is very important for delimiting, so I draw a fine line around the image. I see lines everywhere,” Robin says. And this is indeed true, because the black contour ensures the clarity of his drawing-like, yet unsketched, fragmented, yet densely painted images that exude a strong sense of unity. Don’t be fooled by the vibrancy and vividness of the colours that diminishes the disciplining role and importance of the line. It is the line that holds together the eclectic mosaic of fragments and keeps the life in the picture from falling apart.

Hanging out together, House Rooster, Pickle Boy and Strawberry Hat have come to believe that they are sailors. But let’s face it: first they had a sailboat, then an ordinary boat, and then … just a lifeboat. “What kind of a domestic bird loves the sea?” the House Rooster grumbles. For a while now, he has been growing a bump of resistance on his head – despite knowing that landing is impossible, because all the golden beaches are teeming with hungry leopards.