Robin Nõgisto

A selection of animated music videos


During the last couple of years, Robin has made at least a dozen animated music videos and films, four of which are featured in this exhibition. Made a Mural in the INTER GALACTIC GALLERY has an accurate and minimalistic sound background supported by a charmingly simple story filmed alternately in nature and in the interior. The poetic vibe and title of the ballad-like video Tambourine Girl leads us back to Bob Dylan’s Tambourine Man (1965).[3]  His Wind Mind is mainly meant as the sound background for the pair of paintings, Solar System I and II. Lastly, Sea Monster is a fantastic story sprinkled with collages and animated drawings to create a chilling effect.


[3] … down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves, the haunted frightened trees, / out to the windy beach, far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow, yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky …“ Bob Dylan sings in Mr Tambourine Man. The lyrics of Tambourine Girl by the painter and musician Robin Nõgisto are much simpler, but sprinkled with the “diamond dust” of hearts and fairy-tale worlds from his paintings.