Unknown photographer

Estonians in Sweden, Ojamaa children’s camp, a race with suitcases

“Even the airport itself was nothing more than just a shed. Suitcases were hastily unloaded, the little there were, and the carriers quickly disappeared. Krustang found himself abandoned in the waiting hall, and yet Karman had promised to come meet him there. If anything had gone wrong or got mixed up, he wouldn’t know where to go. They hadn’t given him an address and he hadn’t asked for one either. According to Karman, Karla-Karlos was quite well-known around there, but would he be famous enough to be known by everyone when asked about him? It was almost evening, and he was alone in this strange place, wearing a fool’s hat, with a tin-corner suitcase at his feet. A complete fool, nothing else to say! Who told you to come here?!”

Excerpt from The Bricklayer, a short story by Ilmar Külvet