Liisa Kruusmägi

Comic series "People in Altai Krai"


The comic series People in Altai Krai provides insight into the lives of people who lived in Altai Krai. At the heart of Liisa’s grandmother’s memories is Liisa’s great-grandmother Anete. Despite tragic and bitter life events, she did not lose the ability to care for her family. She was hardworking and kind-hearted. She referred to her second husband, Joosep Kangropool, as a “sluggard”, and therefore, took on a greater role as the head of the family herself.

It is hard to comprehend how one can maintain vitality when faced with so many losses. Anete experienced the loss of a few husbands and several children throughout her life. The death of one of her children was even documented in Järva Teataja newspaper. Death had forcefully inserted itself into people’s daily lives, swiftly cutting down the most delicate aspects of human nature.

The ceramic objects are intended to illustrate the people who lived in Altai Krai.