Andrii Linik



The installation of Andrii Linik, an artist born and based in Ukraine, metascape(s) stems from the altered state of mind of its author: the experience of war.

While metaphysics studies the fundamental nature of reality, literally in ancient Greek “beyond physics”, in metascape(s) Linik provides us with an extensive view of a city taken beyond time and history. The installation refers to a variegated amassment of possibilities for realising data, a non-form that collides, overlaps and amalgamates the thinkable and unthinkable potentialities. These manifest in rough chipped stone slices standing parallel to each other in shallow water, that model an imaginary landscape, and are overarched by panels of LEDs, like a highway that stretches over this scarce and rocky site.

This “information superhighway” displays a generative digital visualisation based on interviews the artist conducted throughout the first months of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The interviews pivoted mainly around questions such as: What and where are the boundaries of physical, virtual, material, hybrid, imaginary, digital and mental realities? Who are we and who will be after this immersion into the mess of realities? What is this collision of realities and what it will bring to us?