Erki Kasemets

Erki Kasemets is an artist living and working in Tallinn. He studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Kasemets’ work is inspired by bricolage and sustainable thinking, combining the materials at hand with biographical information. His ways of expression include object and panel painting, trash art, polygon theatre, games and action art, collecting, documentation, art group Vedelik, environmental and stage designs, etc. Kasemets’ has summarised the intertwining of his artistic and life paths and their parallel progression over decades in his collection of thousands of overpainted milk and juice cartons, Life-File. His most recent performances include participation in the group exhibition Untamed at the Tartu Art Museum (2021), the solo exhibition Karl Marx in the Animal Kingdom at the Draakoni Gallery (2020) and the solo exhibition at the Audru Museum (2019).