Diāna Tamane



It is important to set goals for yourself, but at the same time also actively take steps towards achieving them. The future ahead of us is dark and full of surprises, so goals should be realistic and easily achievable. Otherwise, we may end up beating ourselves up for not meeting the utopian goals we set for ourselves. By pinning all hopes on the future, the present can slip by unnoticed.

In order to replace the demanding ghosts of well-being with the complacent spirits of contentment, we must clean our present of them. For example, one of the basic techniques that shamans use to drive out evil spirits is to call them by their names.

During the next break, when your consciousness is focused only on breathing, but some worrying thought still squeezes itself in, it is worth to simply accept it: “Fear, I can see you!” By welcoming your feelings this way, you can find yourself gradually becoming lighter and lighter, until you realise that everything you could wish for in life has already been here for a long time.