Anna Škodenko



In Anna’s artistic activity, images have a close connection with language and text. It is not easy to fuse them because the artist’s perception and intellect, emotionality and construction ability are equally strong. The Russian, English and Estonian texts she uses in her works do not settle for being seen as mere coping phrases: next to the Idealistic series of paintings from 2008-2016, Anna has placed quotes from Thomas Morus’ Utopia. In the audio work created in 2015, she alphabetically arranges words from different audio files of interviews with Hans Ulrich Obrist and his speeches. In her installation Untitled [Thanks to H. C. Andersen…] created in 2017 in Glasgow, she makes reference to Kai from The Snow Queen, who arranges pieces of ice into words. In 2022, she performs a slow-paced everyday rap as a soundtrack for a video dedicated to Jelena, the president of an apartment association, who lays mosaics in the basement of an apartment building in Kohtla-Järve. In the same year she displays phrases from Ariadne’s imaginary messages to Theseus in neon letters on the wall of the exhibition hall…