Olga Jürgenson

Forty-Eight Portraits: For Her; Forty-Eight Portraits: For Him


These two series of works are in a way opposed to each other. Using the serial principle of Pop Art, they portray sex toys for men and women, respectively. Their disproportion is certainly quite evident: only vibrators are intended for women, while men are offered life-size sex dolls with artificial intelligence.

Both series consist of several sub-series, including The Hide-a-Cock 5.0 from sextoyinsider.com, Select Hairstyle (Wig). From sexdolls.com, Magic Wand Original Massager. (Homage to Betty Dodson), #getmaude personal massager: Modern, Accessible, Discreet. The artists have named the sub-series after product names and advertising phrases found on online sales pages. Jürgenson often uses reverse side of textile as the material for her paintings and drawings dealing with sexuality, as she has this time too. Textiles as something homely, cosy and intimate contrast with the industrial anonymity of sex toys. Her collages are compiled of images from online sex shops and the websites of sex doll producers. Like the drawings, the collages too point to the asymmetry of sex products for women and men.