Olga Jürgenson

Emma’s Secret Garden


This is the central installation at the exhibition, focusing around Emma the sexbot reading a book by Nancy Friday. Emma is one of the three best-selling sexbots with artificial intelligence in the world, being able to develop a conversation with the viewer. The artist encourages the viewer to start a conversation with the doll by saying, “Hi, Emma!”. The installation includes erotic drawings and paintings (two of which are dated by 2018), which Jürgenson based on shots from porn videos– someone else’s fantasies – enjoying sex toys, as well as collages of images from websites selling sex dolls and sex toys. The installation also includes a ‘wallpaper’ consisting of pages from Nancy Friday’s books, which tells us about real people’s sexual fantasies. The excerpts are taken from Friday’s bestsellers Forbidden Flowers (1975), Men in Love (1980) and Women on Top (1991).